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Holiday significant for all Americans

November 7, 2001

This year, Veterans Day takes on special meaning across the United States.

As this nation faces a war on terrorism at home and abroad, Veterans Day offers a welcome opportunity to reflect on the contributions of veterans of all U.S. wars. It offers a welcome opportunity to thank those veterans who served this country and to remember those veterans who gave their lives for this country.

The hearts of many Americans are heavier now than they were before Sept. 11. Many people are fearful about the future of both the United States and their families.

But on Veterans Day 2001, Americans should stand tall, knowing that this country has faced grave and difficult times before.

The day should underscore the tenacity of the American spirit.

The men and women who have served this country in World War I, in Korea, in World War II, in Vietnam, in Desert Storm and, now, in Afghanistan embody what this country means to its citizens.

And so, it is fitting that each year at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, the nation pauses to reflect on gifts that American veterans have bestowed on this nation.

It is important for all Americans to remember veterans and to say thank you.

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