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Family celebrates infant’s homecoming

November 14, 2001

The holidays might be a few weeks away, but the Daily family welcomed a small package to its home on Nov. 6.

Garrett Daily, who has been battling leukemia since his June 11 diagnosis, returned to his home in Tonganoxie and to his parents, Brian and Megan Daily, and brother, Christian.

Garrett, born May 9, has endured a bone-marrow transplant and chemotherapy. The six-month-old had infant leukemia, and with chemotherapy, Garrett's chances for survival were 30 percent.

"He's keeping us on our toes," said Brian Daily, a Tonganoxie police officer.

The recovery time after the surgery has been normal, although his first night back in his own environment was rough.

"He was a crab," Garrett Daily's father said. "It was a change of routine. He's still used to being up at four in the morning for lab work."

Garrett's time at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo., isn't finished. He still must visit two times a week for medication, lab check-ups and certain intravenous drugs.

Garrett will take anti-rejection medication until the end of December, but Brian Daily said Tonganoxie is Garrett's home once again.

"Barring any kind of fever or infection, he's home for good," Daily said.

His first check-up last Friday revealed only donor cells and no leukemia from a bone marrow aspiration taken Nov. 6.

Garrett's improved health would mean Daily's time at home would decrease.

He was called up in the Air National Guard on Sept. 30 to the 190th Security Forces, Topeka. He has been serving twice a week, but hopes to begin serving full time at the end of the month, as long as Garrett's health continues to maintain its course.

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