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A time for thinking about giving thanks

November 20, 2001

Usually, it's the simple things.
When Tonganoxie Elementary School sixth-graders were asked recently what they were thankful for, their answers generally were simple. These young people are thankful for their families and for their friends. They also count among their blessings the fact that they live in a nation where freedom is the norm.
Kelsey Conrad's response was particularly on target:

It is Thanksgiving,
Time to be grateful,
I'm grateful for my freedom,
My family and home,
I'm grateful for the food I have,
Be grateful for something.

So as our nation begins to celebrate Thanksgiving, it's appropriate to follow Kelsey's advice. We should find something for which to be grateful. Perhaps it's a circle of friends. Perhaps it's a loving and giving family. Perhaps it's a fulfilling religious life.
Or perhaps it's simple, everyday freedoms.

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