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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

November 20, 2001

This from Waneta Karriker, who said "I don't sew, well not like I'd like to.

"To most of you, that button falling off (a major thing for me), is such a minor event."

Karriker said her mother was right when she tried so hard to teach her, to impress upon her the importance of simple mending and repairs.

"But I was a very stubborn and headstrong kid, too and wasn't even interested," Karriker said. "I didn't have time."

There are so many people just like you, my dear. However, there are more opportunities every day to learn to sew. Most places that sell sewing machines have sewing classes. Some of them do not require that you have bought a machine. Beginners' lessons go with sewing machines. Check with your high schools, where adult classes are often offered. Friends and neighbors who sew are another possibility.

M.J. has a mending trick.

"You just wouldn't believe how much stuff my husband can cram into his shirt pocket," she said, "which of course will take just so much before it rips loose."

Now even before he begins to wear it she sews a patch underneath by anchoring it up at the shoulder and leaving it hang below the pocket itself. One then stitches the top corners, or even clear around the pocket, thereby the shoulder also carries some of that weight.

Thank you both so much. God Bless, Aunt Norie P.O.

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