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City administrator leaves to assume Massachusetts post

November 20, 2001

Chris Clark is no longer Tonganoxie's city administrator.

Clark, who planned to continue working for the city until Nov. 26, stepped down Monday so that he could take up his new position as assistant executive director for the town of Wellesley, Mass., earlier than anticipated.

Clark said the change in schedule is because his employer in Wellesley has recently had heart problems, and requested that he start work on Monday, rather than Dec. 3, as originally planned. Before coming to Tonganoxie, Clark was an employee in Wellesley's city administration department.

"I'm trying to get there a little early to take pressure off," Clark said.

Wellesley's population is 26,000 compared to Tonganoxie's 3,000.

"It's apples and oranges," Clark said. "If you like apples and oranges, I like them both."

The move puts Clark and his family back in Massachusetts where he's lived his entire life except for his stint in Tonganoxie that began in August 2000.

The city council must still find a replacement, but Mayor John Franiuk said he's not concerned about the earlier exit.

"I don't think a departure two weeks early will hurt the end result," Franiuk said.

Clark informed the council in September that he was planning to move back to Massachusetts, but was unsure exactly what time.

The council has been conducting telephone interviews and is planning in-person interviews.

Clark said he enjoyed his job and working with the city council while he was in Tonganoxie.

"I basically believe in leaving an organization better than you found it," Clark said. "I think we've made government work better and smarter.

"Suffice to say I left it better than I found it. It's what any administrator's job is."

Clark and his wife, Stacey, have two children, Mitchell, 7, and Morgan, 5.

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