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Students provide help for thrift shop

November 28, 2001

The Tonganoxie High School Student Council hoped to send goods to soldiers overseas for Christmas, but plans changed.

Student council member Jeannie Bundy had suggested gathering donations for the military effort, but supplies and donations were slow to come in, and the anthrax scare delayed any mail overseas.

Instead, students raised money and goods for local causes. As part of the annual Save the World Week, students gathered goods daily. Monday was Change the World Day. Students brought in money for that day, then brought food for Tuesday's Feed the World Day. Personal hygiene products were donated for Clean the World Day on Wednesday, while Thursday was Warm the World Day with clothes, shoes and blankets. Friday was Save the World Day. Any items could be donated on that day.

"It was awesome," Bundy said. "I think it kind of made up for everything."

The drive was also a contest between classes. Students received a point for each item they brought in.

Juniors led the way with 1,869.68 items, the seniors were second with 1,552.41 items and the sophomores had 942.38 items. The numbers were tallied, as one item equals one dollar. Financial donations were also included, as the seniors accumulated $74.37, the juniors $66.09, and the sophomores $37.55. Food and other items, except clothing, went to the Good Shepherd Thrift Store. Clothing was taken to the Salvation Army.

Originally, the class with the most items was to get the first three periods of school off last Monday, but the entire school earned that time off after the effort.

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