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Letters of comfort

October 3, 2001

Following are letters written by several Tonganoxie sixth-graders to sixth-graders in New York City, following the Sept. 11 attack on the World Trade Center.

Dear sixth-grader,

My name is Eric Donnelly. I am in the sixth grade telling you I'm sorry for what happened in New York. I hope the horrible people behind this are punished. These people killed a lot of people. We don't know how many. Our school is raising money for the victims of this. New York will never be the same. These terrorists have done a terrible thing. It's already been a week since the attack.



Dear sixth grade,

Hi, my name is Ryan. I go to Tonganoxie Elementary School (sixth grade). It is a small town between Kansas City and Lawrence. I am writing to tell you that our thoughts and prayers are with you. Even though we are a small community, together we are strong! Let this not harm our way of life. I wrote to comfort you and to let those terrorists know we are a nation. Yes, a nation and they don't know what they are in for. We did the candlelight service and firefighters are collecting money and the elementary school is all collecting money for the Red Cross.


Ryan Stockman

Dear sixth-grade students,

I am also a sixth-grade student, at Tonganoxie. I'm sorry about what happened. I hope that lots of people will get together and help clean up. I'm sorry I can't do anything. I was sad that the twin towers and World Trade Center blew up with all those people in it. I wish that we could have peace instead of all of this. We will get through this. We are raising money by getting extra change and donating the money to families. We are also giving it to the firefighters' families.


Josh Nowasell

Dear sixth-graders,

Hello. My name is Ashlee Lohman and I am a sixth-grader at Tonganoxie Elementary School in northeastern Kansas. I am truly remorseful to hear about the horrible tragedy that occurred Tuesday at the twin towers and the Pentagon. I can only imagine what kind of pain and sorrow you feel.

Everyday I will think about all of the innocent people who have suffered or who are still suffering now. I think the idea of wearing red, white and blue ribbons to show support to the victims of this act of terrorism and to the firefighters and volunteers who are helping is a wonderful idea. Our school is holding a donation for the families of the victims from the tragedy. When you donate money, you receive a red, white or blue ribbon to wear.

Then on Friday, everyone who donated money will be able to tie a ribbon to the fence, and when it is all finished, it will say USA.

I support entirely what the president said about our country, "We will continue to be a country. This will not destroy us, and we will take pride in our country."

My heart goes out to all of the friends and families who have lost loved ones. You all are in my prayers.

Best wishes,

Ashlee Lohman

Dear sixth-grade students,

I'm a sixth-grade student at Tonganoxie Elementary School. I'm sorry to hear what happened. I know that many people are very depressed and mourning for loved ones they lost in the crash. I feel whoever did this should severely be punished. This is a terrible tragedy for America. At our school, we're trying to help in every way possible. I feel sorry for all the frightened people. I've read and heard many different stories about it.

Our school is making red, white and blue paper cranes, collecting change, putting up ribbons and writing letters.

Everyone is dressing up in red, white and blue, too. We've also been talking about it in class.

Best wishes,

Lindsey Himpel

Dear sixth-grade students,

Hi. I'm Courtenay DeHoff. I'm a sixth-grade student at Tonganoxie, Kansas, Elementary School.

I live out in the country. We have lots of cattle and three horses. I barrel race with my two horses. Barrel racing is a sport you do with horses. I get to go to Nebraska next week and I'm going to send my earnings to the American Red Cross.

Our school is doing lots of things to help New York. We are taking a collection of coins. We are making red, white and blue cranes. We're tying ribbons to the fence. There are flags everywhere. My mom thought it would be nice if we bought a flag, but they were all sold out! It's a great sight to see all those flags.

Kansas is going to help the best we can. We are a strong nation. We will pull through. Stay safe and be free!


Courtenay DeHoff

Dear sixth-grade student,

I am a sixth-grade student at Tonganoxie Elementary School. My sixth-grade class and three other classes in the sixth grade are having a three-day drive. We are trying to raise as much money as we can to help out people who were touched by this week's tragedy. We are tying red, white and blue ribbons on our playground fences as a memorial. I am very sorry for all of the trouble that is going on in New York City right now. I say a little prayer every night for your wonderful town, which lost some very loving and caring people to the awful terrorists who caused our country to mourn with grief in our hearts. My heart goes out to your innocent citizens who lost a loved one. If we work together we will pull through this. I know Kansans are doing everything they can and so are many other states. The Tonganoxie Fire Department did a boot block on Sept. 15 and 16. They raised $1,500 for New York City.

Best wishes to New York,

Bailey Bennett

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