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Each day, motorists should think safety

October 10, 2001

Every 13 minutes, a person in the United States dies in a vehicular accident. That average death rate adds up to more than 41,500 traffic fatalities each year on the nation's roads.

That's a staggering number of lives lost because of not wearing seatbelts, not paying attention or driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Today, throughout Kansas, state officials are calling attention to the number of accidents that claim lives each year. Today has been proclaimed "Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day." Kansas' first lady, Linda Graves, is the featured speaker at special ceremonies scheduled in Topeka.

In our state, 461 people lost their lives in traffic accidents last year, so it's appropriate to call attention to the causes and solutions to these fatal crashes. But it also is important that the motorists in our state and nation be aware of the dangers on our roads 365 days a year.

Each day, motorists should remind themselves to follow speed limits, obey traffic regulations, wear safety restraints (while ensuring children wear them, too) and use designated drivers.

In Kansas, an average of more than one person is killed in traffic accidents each day. So it's important that each day before Kansans grip the wheel that they remind themselves about the responsibility they hold in their hands.

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