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Letter to the editor

October 10, 2001

Another happy patient
To the editor:
How wonderful that Mrs. Gertus Jones, Tonganoxie, took the time to write praises for Dr. Stevens. There must be literally hundreds of people who have been cared for by this physician over the years. They know first-hand what it means to be cared for by someone so patient and kind. I know that most of those people could write a letter just like Mrs. Jones, and just like mine. But, I hope you will print this because it could help someone else, and that would make me feel happy I wrote.
Some months ago, I saw another doctor (for insurance reasons) because I had ear pain in my right ear. This particular doctor looked first in my left ear, and then in my right ear, which he said was full of wax and couldn't see the eardrum. He prescribed antibiotics, which I thought cured the problem. In about a month, I experienced ear pain again, and a low-grade fever. Again, I was put on antibiotics. The third time I had ear pain that radiated up to my right temple. I decided to heck with the insurance, I'm going to Dr. Stevens.
He looked in my left ear, then the right ear, which he said was full of wax. He asked if I minded if he removed the wax. I urged him to do it. He also treated me with antibiotics and I became well. Had the wax been allowed to stay in my ear, I would have experienced repeated problems. But once it was removed, there was nothing trapping the moisture and bacteria, so the medication worked like it was supposed to.
My love and thanks have been expressed to Dr. Stevens many times. I would be remiss if I didn't mention how wonderful his staff is. There is none better.
I've met his wife, who at one time helped out at the office. I've heard so much about his grown children, and how successful they are. It's just a very special family, on all counts.
Thank you, Mrs. Jones, and thank you, Dr. Stevens.
Joyce E. Mayberry,

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