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Remeber when: a community review

October 10, 2001

10 years ago: Oct. 16, 1991

(Picture) Mr. Frank Patten proudly displays his cotton crop. (Mr. Patten's daughter, Alberta Irwin, says her father is 87, raises cotton and is a real good cook. Canned 80 quarts of tomatoes this summer.) Mrs. Lois Meadows brought back the certified cotton seed from Arkansas for Mr. Patten.

George and Ruth Cooper traveled to San Antonio, Texas, to attend a reunion of students who had attended Central/Bordner High School in Manila, Philippines Islands. The school was one of two for American citizens in the Philippines. (Talking with old friends recounted good times, as well as the hardship and horrors of the Japanese occupation during World War II. Two in his class were executed, some survived the Bataan death march. Several served in the military with distinction.)

Deaths: James B. Shingleton, 64, Fort Scott, formerly of Kansas City, Kan., died Oct. 9, 1991; Jack E. Mathis, 62, Leavenworth, died Oct. 9, 1991; Juanita V. Moore McHenry, 77, Linwood, died Oct. 11, 1991.

(Picture) Orrin Bouldin prepares to blow out the candles in celebration of his 82nd birthday. Jerry Reed hosted a birthday dinner for Mr. Bouldin, with Pearl Campbell and Francis Bouldin also in attendance.

25 years ago: Oct. 13, 1976

High school celebrates homecoming with victory One of the highlights of the week was the crowning of the homecoming queen. Miss Debbie Ryan was crowned queen, with Julie Hoffhines and Jeanne Seymour acting as her attendants. The Tonganoxie Chieftains won their second league game of the year, as they edged the De Soto Wildcats 7-6 last Friday night.

Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Terry Skaggs of Everett, Wash., announce the birth of a daughter, Oct. 4, 1976. The baby was named Rebecca Ann.

Deaths: Mathias A. Theno Sr. passed away Oct. 11, 1976, at the age of 82.

50 years ago: Oct. 25, 1951

Deaths: Word has been received by Mrs. Fred Kahn of the death of Mrs. William Kahn of Washington, D.C. Burial will be at Dwight, Kan. She was a former resident of Reno. The death of Elmer E. Jones, 84, a well-known Quaker, was reported from Wichita. He was one of the family of the late Philemon Jones, who lived above McBrooms, northwest of Tonganoxie. Mrs. Perry Walters of Tonganoxie is a niece. Mrs. Mae N. Kepler died Tuesday night. Mrs. Kepler was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Thistlethwaite, and was born in Tonganoxie on March 12, 1898.

Basehor: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nick announce the birth of a son, Francis Aaron, Oct. 14, 1951.

Mr. and Mrs. L.F. Young observed their 55th wedding anniversary Wednesday. Their daughter, Frances Myers, found them playing rummy, and son Louis called from California.

Mrs. M.B. McKenzie observed her 85th birthday Tuesday. Her life extends from 1866, so she has observed about everything except the Civil War.

75 years ago: Oct. 7, 1926

Fred D. Angell of Tonganoxie was elected president of the Kansas State Firemen's Association on Sept. 29 at Manhattan. Mr. Angell had been fire chief for six years.

Grade school notes: The first grade students are decorating their room for Halloween. Miss Farrell's class is decorating their sandbox to represent a school room. The desks are jack-o-lanterns, the pupils are Halloween figures and the teacher is an old witch.

Floyd Mills received word Tuesday of the death of his sister at Mullinville, Kan.

Caralee Laming and Horace Leakey both are reported to have diphtheria.

Some obliging thief stole the oil out of Dale Rawlings' truck as it stood in front of his home the other night. He left a quart can there, so Dale wouldn't start out without oil.

Monday morning, Dale Rawlings found a pretty good-sized coon dead at the front door of his place of business. Dogs had evidently chased it there and killed it.

Charles E. Brown, who has been traveling with the Anderson's Dog and Pony Show through Nebraska, Oklahoma and Kansas for a number of months, arrived in Tonganoxie last week for several days rest, before starting for the northern part of the state. He intends to put on his own "Punch and Judy" show, as he has for several years past.

There is quite a difference between the quick and the dead. Read A. J. Taylor's ad in this issue. He is not dead, though he has been too busy to write ads.

100 years ago: Oct. 17, 1901

Reno: Mrs. Bennett went to Kansas City last week and died unexpectedly.

Death of an Old Settler: Patrick Maloney, a resident of Nine Mile, died last Thursday, of old age. Mr. Maloney was born in County Clare, Ireland, in May 1822. He settled in Kansas in 1860, locating in Salt Creek Valley and later moving down on Nine Mile.

James Freeman, about 45 years and a lifetime resident of this neighborhood, was found dead this morning in timber near Neely.

Kansas News Notes: Last washday a Manhattan woman filled a kettle with gasoline, under the impression that it was water, and put it on the stove to boil. But why proceed?

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