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Increased awareness normal these days

October 17, 2001

While residents of Southern Leavenworth County may be insulated from most concerns about anthrax exposure, it makes sense for everyone to be aware of the possibility.

Leavenworth County sheriff's officers and other emergency personnel have responded to several concerns about suspicious materials.

As it turned out, none of the substances was anthrax.

However, those residents were absolutely correct to call law enforcement authorities.

The thought that "it can't happen here in Middle America" is wholly unrealistic. It could happen here, and county residents should be aware.

However, our citizenry should not panic and should not see danger where it does not exist. We should be careful. We should be watchful. And we should be prepared. But we should not overreact.

As our nation finds its way through this newly defined world, we here in Middle America must be flexible in how we live our lives and how we ultimately define "normal."

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