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Letters to the editor

October 24, 2001

How we all can help
To the editor:
I am writing in response to the editorials in this week's paper, as well as the column about tips on how to fly flags. As a Vietnam era veteran of the United States Marine Corps, I proudly support the viewpoints expressed by these three authors.
I am touched at the resurgence of patriotism evidenced by our flag flying everywhere these days, and I appreciate Ms. Trowbridge's gentle reminders about how Old Glory should be displayed properly. Ms. Shoemaker, thank you for having the courage to take a public stand against the bigotry too often heard in offices, stores and homes. Mr. Taylor, it is with a smile that I pose the question to Chris Matthews (and others), "What do you think gives you the privilege of being able to express your opinions so freely? Do you suppose anyone gave their life so that YOU, Chris Matthews, could say what you think, without repression?"
Now each of us asks of ourselves, "What can I do to help?" Allow me to reiterate these ideas: 1) Be sure your flag (OUR flag) is displayed properly lit after dark, and taken inside when it rains. 2) Take a personal stand when you hear people speak with prejudice or bigotry (there are hundreds of thousands of us behind you). 3) Find out the address of a friend or neighbor who is serving in the armed forces, and write them a letter of thanks and encouragement. Those servicemen and women are working hard to preserve the rights and privileges we have come to take for granted as Americans.
Thank you, Tonganoxie Mirror, for providing a forum for my views.
And May God Bless Us All.
Glenna Coldsmith Law,

Proud to be from Tonganoxie
To the editor:
The Oct. 10 edition of The Mirror contained an article about my son Garrett Daily and how recent events have impacted our family. I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their support. After the first article appeared in The Mirror, I was surprised to see how this community supported us. The fact that we have not always been Tonganoxians didn't seem to matter to anyone. People I don't even know often stop and ask me about my son and tell me how we are in their prayers. That has been the greatest gift given to us, and I truly believe that those prayers are directly responsible for Garrett's continued success.
As I write this letter, Garrett is getting better. He is eating again and laughing. Soon I hope he will return to our home, the only home he has ever known, Tonganoxie. A Website exists where people can see up-to-date information on Garrett. Its address is Please visit it and leave a note.
In closing, thank you, thank you for all of your prayers, support and good wishes. Garrett can truly be proud to be from Tonganoxie.
Brian Daily,

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