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Curfew extended for Doolittle Farms’ weekend concerts

October 31, 2001

Leavenworth County Commissioners have decided there's got to be a limit to just how long the beat goes on.

The commissioners Thursday debated the hours that bands should be able to play at Doolittle Farms. In the past, Cathy Hawes and Betsy Faubion, owners of the 80-acre retreat and convention center south of Leavenworth, have obtained temporary permits when sponsoring concerts, such as their annual summer bluegrass festival. Neighbors have not complained about noise or traffic, Hawes said.

John Zoellner, director of planning and zoning, said the women were asking for a permit that would allow them to hold concerts and large gatherings without having to ask the commissioners each time for a special use permit.

Commissioner Don Navinsky said, "I've got a problem myself with a blanket seven-day-a-week use. To me that is opening it to too much, it can turn into something else."

Such a ruling, Navinsky said, could allow the women to hold concerts seven days a week until midnight.

"Oh my goodness, that would be exhausting," Hawes said.

Hawes said concerts would be held on some Friday and Saturday evenings, and perhaps on a Sunday evening in the event of a three-day weekend when Monday is a holiday. Doolittle Farms sponsored three concerts this year, Hawes said, and plans to sponsor about 10 concerts in 2002.

She also said she and Faubion would like to be allowed to have the concerts last until midnight.

Joe Daniels said midnight would be too late.

"I still think we ought to think about noise," Daniels said. "I would still like to see them work no later than 11 o'clock at all times, including concerts."

Daniels made a motion to approve Doolittle's request for five years and to limit the hours from 8 a.m. until midnight, or until 11 p.m. when there are concerts or "anything that's loud and makes noise," he said.

Navinsky disagreed with Daniels' motion.

"You and I are opposites on this," Navinsky said to Daniels. "I feel a special concert on a Friday or Saturday night should be allowed to go on until midnight."

Navinsky seconded Daniels' motion, then asked to amend the motion to state that events could last until 11 p.m. seven days a week, except on concert nights, when events could last until midnight. The motion carried, with Adams and Navinsky voting for it and Daniels voting against it.

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