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Downtown windows damaged

Wtinesses indentify suspect

October 31, 2001

A Sunday afternoon shooting spree in downtown Tonganoxie shattered a glass business door, broke windows at three other businesses and damaged the siding on a private residence.

Sgt. John Putthoff said Monday that witnesses had identified a man in his 20s as a suspect. Putthoff said that shortly after the shootings, the man was heard bragging about the damage he caused. The case is still under investigation, he added.

As of Monday, it was unknown what type of weapon was used in Sunday's vandalism. It could have been a heavyweight slingshot or a type of pellet gun, Putthoff said.

"We're not sure," Putthoff said. "They've got different types out, some of them look like pistols they're pretty powerful."

The objects that struck the windows were glass marbles about 3/4 of an inch in diameter.

Dee Stone, owner of Outback Video, was thankful her shop was closed at 3 p.m. Sunday when the glass in her door shattered, causing an estimated $350 damage to the door of her business.

"I just thank heaven nobody was hurt, nobody was in there," she said.

At S&S Body Shop, 922 E. Fourth St., Marvin Adcox and Ron Starcher noticed Monday morning that a one-inch wide circular hole had been carved in their office storm window. But the object didn't penetrate the inner window.

"It went in and fell in between the windows," Starcher said.

The suspect also shot windows at Badd Jack's Southwest restaurant and Farm Bureau Insurance, both on Fourth Street. No one was in any of the buildings when the shots were fired, Putthoff said. In addition, a house in the 400 block of East First Street was struck.

Putthoff said it was fortunate no one was injured.

"Those things are pretty powerful," he said.

The suspect, Putthoff said, would likely be charged with criminal damage to property, with using the weapon in the city limits and, because the occupant of the home that was shot was in her house at the time of the shooting, with aggravated assault.

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