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Intersection work provides opportunity

October 31, 2001

Tonganoxie's downtown is the envy of all small communities in the region.

It's not uncommon for visitors to the city to remark on the beautiful transformation that took place downtown nearly two years ago.

But many of those visitors passed through the intersection of U.S. 24-40 Highway and Kansas Highway 16 before making their way downtown. And that intersection as it presently stands provides no indication of the beauty that exists downtown.

There is help on the way, and next year work will begin on that intersection. The work is designed to help move traffic through that busy junction of the two highways.

It would be beneficial to all of Tonganoxie if the work does more than that.

This intersection truly is the gateway to the city. However, it presently gives a wrong impression to the thousands of motorists who pass through it each day.

Once the intersection work is complete, it would be a welcome change if the intersection took on some of the look of the city's well-dressed downtown. And it would be a welcome change if the intersection reflected the pride that Tonganoxians have in their community.

That way, this vital crossroads would be a gateway that is representative of the city.

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