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Country’s response must be measured

September 12, 2001

The terrorist attacks on Tuesday against the United States struck at the gut of the nation.

It rocked the very soul of this country from New York City to the heartland and on to San Francisco. It served to remind us just how fragile our lives are and how important our freedom is.

This large-scale attack against the United States will not go unanswered. And that is as it should be.

These attacks have awakened the sleeping giant. As disbelief turns to action, the responses to these attacks must be measured and thoughtful. They must not be knee-jerk.

The repercussions from these attacks will be felt throughout our nation for months and years on both a personal level and a national level.

As the horror of Tuesday's events begins to fade from memory, the United States must stand vigilant against the attackers. The country must work to ensure that terrorist warfare does not cross the borders of our nation. We as a country must work to ensure that this does not become a way of life in America.

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