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Letter to the editor - “Proud to be an American”

September 19, 2001

To the editor:

The heartbreaking events of last Tuesday left me stranded in Raleigh, N.C. A co-worker and I rented a car and drove 18 hours to get home. The spirit of unity and patriotism we encountered as we passed through five states was incredible.

American flags were hanging from overpasses and buildings, flying from tractor-trailer rigs and hanging off of construction equipment. Someone hung an American flag from a light pole at a rest stop. Signs that normally advertise the special of the day were instead sporting "God bless America" and similar slogans.

My eyes watered as I finally reached Tonganoxie after midnight Friday and signs from the bank to the Outpost displayed "God bless the USA."

It struck me that the monster who did this united our nation like no one else could. I have never seen such patriotism in my lifetime.

In the coming days, our leaders will make some hard decisions. Our military will be asked to do some difficult things. Many families, including my own, will be affected by these actions.

Please pray for our leaders and our soldiers and continue to support them.

I am now more than ever proud to be an American.

Kerril Bauerly,

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