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Air traffic restricted above Kansas Speedway

September 26, 2001

There will be no air-sightseers flying over the Kansas Speedway this weekend, according to an FAA ruling.

J.D. Green, who works for the FAA at Kansas City International Airport, said new flight restrictions prohibit all aircraft from flying within a three-mile radius of any major professional or collegiate sporting event, or over any other major open air assembly of people.

This means there will be no fly-bys, no blimps and no banner planes flying over the Kansas Speedway.

An uplink helicopter usually flies 2,500 feet above a stadium to relay video and audio signals from the racecars to a satellite. Green said on Tuesday that the ruling also could prohibit it.

"The Speedway sits at 1,000 feet altitude and that means he'd have to be at 3,000 feet above that," Green said. "So I don't know if he'll be able to do it, he said he needs to be at 2,500 feet."

Green was checking with FAA officials to determine if the uplink helicopter would be allowed to fly at 2,500 feet over the Speedway.

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