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September 26, 2001

Birthday party a success

To the editor:

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who helped make our 50th anniversary celebration a success. The support we received from local businesses and the turnout last weekend further demonstrates the support that got us to this point and will play a key role in our future.

Special thanks to Caroline Trowbridge of The Mirror and to Steve, Wendy, Sheldon and Shan Trieb. Your generous support is appreciated.

God bless America.

Doug Metzger,

President, Fairmount Township Fire Department.

Questions about enforcement

To the editor:

This has happened more than once, but today I was coming west on 24-40 in the 40 mph zone and one of our police cars was in the high school parking lot checking traffic on 24-40. Mine and four other cars were going 40 mph. Here came an 18-wheeler doing at least 55 mph right past the cop and all the cars and he was not stopped. Why?

Why is it that trucks can run as fast as they like and not get stopped? And just look at how they drive on Fourth Street. You people have a lot of small kids crossing Fourth Street and 24-40, and truck drivers must be slowed down. I would like to know why they can speed and get away with it. If any of you out there know this to be true, then say something. Put it in the paper how you feel about it, and go to the police department and let them know how you feel. We can get this stopped.

Ron Bollet,


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