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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

April 3, 2002

Maternity clothes are really only worn for such a short time that simple adjustments can be made to your normal wear slacks for instance that you can wear them throughout your pregnancy.

Slacks are the easiest to adjust. You'll be wearing loose-fitting tops over them anyway, so if simple adjustments are made at the side seams they will not show.

You will need to open the side seams down about six or seven inches, so if they have an elastic waistband be sure to firmly anchor that elastic so you won't even have to redo it. On each side of the side seam, stitch through the waistband elastic and all with the sewing machine from the top down, then into reverse and back up to the top, making sure the elastic is firmly anchored. Now rip open the side seams stitches, cut through the elastic and open on down the seam.

You can then insert a gusset (pie-shaped wedge) in to that seam, with its points at the bottom of the opened seam, widening out to whatever you need at the top. You may want to make the wedge long enough to fold it down waistband-like and run its own elastic into just that section, or make a strap, like a belt of matching fabric, or better yet use a section of wide grosgrain ribbon, sewing one end of to the waist band, then using Velcro sections to make an adjustable waist band closing.

If you use a long basting stitch on the machine it can all be so easily removed later and back to your regular size.

A side note: You first began smoking because you thought it was "cool." Now, though, you realize it is costing you more than $100 a month if you smoke a pack a day. Oh, and I'm thinking, "What about those who smoke three packs a day?" Is it worth it?

Bye for now and God Bless.

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