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Church to start raising funds for building

April 10, 2002

Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Tonganoxie soon will begin a campaign to raise funds for a new home.

Community Counseling Services Inc. surveyed 55 families from the parish recently and reported back last Wednesday that the church passed the feasibility test for its plans to build a new church.

"We got the green light," said Rev. Mark Goldasich. "We were very, very encouraged by the response."

The church is planning to move to U.S. Highway 24-40 between Victory Baptist and West Haven Baptist churches from its location at 703 River St. The present church has served as Sacred Heart's home for more than 100 years.

But Tonganoxie has grown, and so has the parish. Since Goldasich came to Tonganoxie 11 years ago, Sacred Heart has grown by 100 families to 350 families. The parish attracts members from Tonganoxie, McLouth, Linwood and the surrounding areas.

About a year ago, architects presented a master plan for the new church, and last summer, the Kansas City archdiocese approved the church's plans. For Sacred Heart to receive funding from the archdiocese for construction, the church must raise half of the project's cost.

The church's first building phase is expected to cost $2 million. Goldasich said the church has raised about $500,000 so far.

The church will now conduct a capital campaign. Sacred Heart has had outside fund-raisers, most notably a food stand at Kansas Speedway last summer.

When phase I, a multi-purpose center with classrooms, is complete, Sacred Heart will work on phase II the construction of a new church building. The church itself should cost roughly $2 million, as well. Once that is complete, phase III would be in the works. Although it's in the distant future, the church could look at building a school in that phase.

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