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Letter: Oil dilemma

April 24, 2002

To the editor:

For the past week, the Senate took up drilling in Anwar for oil. Since Sept. 11, I believed that our enemies were the Mideast oil producers such as Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and others. Today, I believe our enemy is in our own country Tom Daschle, John Kerry, Dick Gephardt and "Democrat" John McCain, plus the environmental wackos from whom these senators take their marching orders. These people put their own interests first and not the American people.

I have witnessed first-hand the dependence on foreign oil, In 1973, I was in Colorado when the oil embargo began. You were allowed $1 per fill-up if your vehicle tires were on the gas station property. If not, you had to try another station. Cars were stranded on the interstates out of gas, all over the Midwest. I saw Volkswagens with 55-gallon drums strapped to the top of their roofs so drivers could get to their destinations.

Every time you buy gasoline and the price keeps going up, think of the men mentioned above. There are 460 different items made from crude oil. The one thing I'm thankful about is that I live in Kansas and our senators put us first instead of the environmental wackos. I predict that one day these environmental police will be able to tell us when to turn our lights on and off in our homes. It is really disturbing to watch those in the Democratic Party distance themselves from Israel and turn pro-Arab.

Dave Taylor,


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