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From shooting sports to food, this family’s heavily involved

August 7, 2002

Anyone taking a gander at the Scharinger family's 4-H activity list probably couldn't accuse the Leavenworth clan of being one-dimensional.

There's definitely variety with this family.

First, Patty Scharinger is the county food superintendent for the 4-H, along with being the club foods leader.

Patty's husband, David, is the air rifle instructor for the county's shooting sport as well.

And their children, Sarah, 15, and Elizabeth, who turned 10 today, are also involved in things such as foods, cooking, clothing buymanship, public speaking, and for Sarah, she follows her father's lead and competes in shooting sports.

Summer is quite busy for the Scharingers, as it usually is for many 4-H participants.

"You know you're wrapped up in it when you plan your vacations around it," David said about the summer activities.

David has noticed participation is growing in the shooting sports, which is something he's happy about.

"I like the idea of getting kids involved in it at a young age," David said.

Patty, now in her third year as food superintendent and sixth as foods leader, said the fair is a hectic time with getting food displays ready. But, she said she gets some assistance from her daughters. And, being in the organization is great for them, Patty said.

"I just think it has a lot of life skills that will help them later in life," she said.

Sarah, in her eighth year with 4-H, the clothing buymanship, likes that category the most.

Practicality is important in the category. Cost isn't necessarily an issue, but how practical it would be for one's lifestyle is.

So has working with that project helped Sarah when, say, she takes a trip to Old Navy or maybe Abercrombie and Fitch?

"Yeah," she said with a laugh.

Members of the Happy Hollow 4-H Club, Sarah attends Pleasant Ridge Junior High, while Elizabeth goes to Salt Creek Elementary in Leavenworth.

For the sisters who stay busy with the fair like their parents, they have one thing that makes all the work worthwhile.

"My favorite thing about the fair is hanging out with my friends," Sarah said.

"Mine, too," Elizabeth chimed in.

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