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Showers prompt city to lift ban

August 21, 2002

Tonganoxie's outdoor watering ban has been lifted for now.

The city's well water level has stayed steady after recent rains, allowing Tonganoxie to go from a stage 3 water warning back to a stage 2. The even-odd-day watering procedure will go back into effect.

"It's been in response to the more favorable weather in rain and cooler weather and the extended forecast that appears to offer more of the same," City Administrator Shane Krull said.

A resident's house number determines the odd-even watering. If the house number's last digit is odd, then citizens can water on odd days. The same goes for even-numbered houses.

Tonganoxie's water problem began last month when the city's water level dipped near the 7.5-foot mark. The city went to using one of its available two pumps and banned outdoor water use. During the ban, the level increased to 20 feet three times, including two consecutive days Monday and Tuesday.

Now, with the ban lifted, both pumps are being used.

The ban drew criticism recently because the city's bulk water dispenser was still being used, which meant people outside of Tonganoxie could fill up large capacity containers for a fee.

The Tonganoxie swimming pool also closed Sunday. In the past, the pool was open for high school physical education classes, but this summer, that won't be the case.

But as of this week, citizens can once again water on certain days. Krull said the city would have to evaluate the new regulations.

"If the city system can't keep up with it, then we could evaluate it at that time," Krull said.

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