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New information needed to close case

December 11, 2002

On Monday, investigators with the Leavenworth County sheriff's office and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation announced they were taking another hard look at the disappearance of a Linwood boy years ago.

In April 1988, 17-year-old Randy Wayne Leach disappeared. He last was seen late at night attending a party held about a month before what would have been his graduation from high school.

In the more than 14 years since his disappearance, neither Randy Leach nor his parents' car, which he had driven to the party, has been seen.

And while the case was never closed, it certainly wasn't on the front burner for law enforcement officers. Of course, they would follow leads if they were presented. But officers were not actively investigating the Randy Leach's disappearance.

Now, a team of 12 investigators is reviewing the case. They will be talking again to people who were close to Leach. They will be sorting through information obtained many years ago into the Leach boy's disappearance. And they hope to turn up new information that will lead to a closed case.

They're hopeful that someone or several someones will come forward with new information. Or perhaps they will remember something that nearly 15 years ago seemed trivial.

Now, officers are encouraging anyone with information to come forward.

During the course of investigating the Leach case previously, a rift developed between Leach's parents and law enforcement officials. It appears that both the Leaches, who still live near Linwood, and law officers have forged a new, more productive relationship.

And that may prove beneficial.

After all, they all want the same thing: To find out what happened to the Leaches' only child in April 1988.

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