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December 18, 2002

10 years ago: Dec. 23, 1992

(Picture) The home of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bader won first place in the Santa division of the Christmas lighting contest sponsored by the Tonganoxie Chamber of Commerce. Decorated farm equipment gave the nod to Shoemaker Farms in the commercial division; Bo Himpel was a repeat winner in the lighting-only category; the nativity scene at the Dorothy Dunlap home was awarded first place in its division. (Other winners were listed; the above were all pictured.)

94 and still reporting: (Picture) Nellie Scott rests in her room at Cherokee Lodge in Oskaloosa. (The article detailed Ms. Scott's work for the Tonganoxie Mirror and the Oskaloosa Independent. She compiled her McLouth news column from sources there and mailed the column in each Monday)

(Picture) Dr. James A. Funkhouser will celebrate his 90th birthday on Monday, Dec. 28.

Deaths: Anna Grace Bowman, 72, Wakefield, Kan., died Dec. 20; Georgina M. Himpel, 68, Tonganoxie, died Dec. 19; Jess Edgar Fisher, 80, Kansas City, died Dec. 16; Jesse Romanis Shatto, 76, Tonganoxie, died Dec. 21.

Birth: Charles G. and Angie Wood announce the birth of a son, Branden Charles James Wood, on Aug. 20,1992.

Lillian Buehner will be 97 years of age on Dec. 24. Be sure and send her a card and congratulate this lovely lady on her birthday.

25 years ago: Dec. 21, 1977

On Sunday, Dec. 11, 30 members of the family of Mabel Lenahan gathered at her home east of Tonganoxie, to share in the celebration of her 92nd birthday.

McLouth News: Mrs. Dorothy Willits received word of the death of her cousin, Anna Glayzer Harding, 74, of Shawnee.

Springdale News, by Mrs. Raymond Zimmerman: My cousin, Clifford Hugh Courtney, son of Jesse and Dora Metier Courtney, passed away Dec. 13, in Milwaukee.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Marty Trieb, Tonganoxie, announce the birth of a son, Richard Patterson, Dec. 13; Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Drake announce the birth of a son, Richard Douglas Drake Jr., Dec. 16; Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Cronemeyer, Lawrence, announce the birth of a son, Joshua Raymond, Dec. 16.

Linwood News: Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wilson and family, Linwood, lost their home by fire Saturday afternoon, Dec. 10.

McLouth News: Mr. and Mrs. James Florerschof, Springfield, Mo., announce the birth of a daughter, Alina Dawn, Nov. 29.

50 years ago: Jan. 1, 1953

Mr. Archie Toothaker preached his farewell sermon Sunday at the Congregational Church.

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Fevurly of Basehor, will hold open house the afternoon and evening of Jan. 1, in celebration of their golden wedding.

Men In the Service: Jerry Baker called his dad, Charley Baker, on Christmas Day from Fairbanks, Alaska, where he is serving in the Air Force. He said there was no snow on the ground and the temperature was 27 degrees. Tonganoxie had a blanket of snow and a reading around 15 degrees that night.

Birth: Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Billingsley announce the birth of a girl, Lena Mae, Dec. 19, 1952; Mr. and Mrs. William C. Hartley Jr., of Leavenworth, announce the birth of a son, Gary Wayne, on Christmas Eve.

John Christensen drives one of these miniature Crosley cars around town. The dogs refuse to bark at it.

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Stephenson Jr. got a real Christmas present in the form of a boy at Memorial Hospital, Christmas Day. He is Rodney James Stephenson.

75 years ago: Dec. 15, 1927

H. J. Greene: "A man who never sewed anything, invented the Singer sewing machine, and the tailors in England, whom the machine was designed to aid, go so mad they broke up every sewing machine they could lay their hands on."

Hawk Hollow: John Wickey sawed wood for Thos. Holton, Tuesday.

Elmwood: Mrs. Walters is entertaining her granddaughter, Shirley Ann Freienmuth, this week.

Cobs make good kindling for the heating stove or furnace these cold winter days. Phone 124 for a load. J Underwood & Sons. (Ad.)

Mr. and Mrs. Roach McCaffrey received word Monday from Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Meyers of Chapman, announcing the birth of a son, born Sunday morning at Junction City. Mrs. Meyers was formerly Miss Katherine Curry of this place.

Stanwood: Mr. and Mrs. Tony Frazel are the proud parents of a son, born Dec. 5.

Personals: Mr. Stephenson spent the weekend putting away his winter fuel.

Letters To Santa: Dear Santa: I have been a vary good boy so far and I would like to have these things I have on my list: 1. Blocks. 2. Gun. 3. Bucking mule. 4. Coloring book and colors. 5. Scooter. 6. Candy and nuts. 7. Train. But don't forget the other little boys and girls. Yours sincerely, Geo. Jr. Gress, Tonganoxie, Kansas.

"Mother, please don't disturb my jewels," warned a small boy as he was getting ready for bed. And mother, who was exploring pockets while straightening out the tiny suit, discovered the "jewels" to consist of a small looking glass, marble, top, piece of chalk, tin whistle and rubber band.

100 years ago: Dec. 25, 1902

A ball is on the boards for Laming's hall tonight.

Do you know that the Sale Bills we print are spelled right?

Steps are being taken to cultivate American oysters in Europe. Where will the invasion end?

A "beauty doctor" who located in Leavenworth a few weeks ago, took contracts to beautify at $10 each in advance. He is gone. So is the cash of fifty-five victims.

Notice is hereby given that "The Zoellner-Wark Mercantile Company, a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Kansas, made application Dec. 16, 1902, to the Charter Board of the State of Kansas to change the name of said corporation to The Zoellner Mercantile Co." Frank Zoellner, President. Dated, Tonganoxie, Kansas. First publication Dec. 25, 1902.

The convicts at Lansing will not have their annual Christmas turkey feast today. Prices got too high.

Fine candies for sweethearts in fancy boxes for sale at the Home Bakery. Or if you have no sweetheart we will sell you one or more of them.

Enos Jones received a telegram last week, announcing the sudden death of his brother Barclay at Highland Mills, N.Y., at the age of 59 years. Two other brothers are Samuel and Philemon Jones who live near Stanwood.

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