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Letter to the editor: In praise of food service workers

February 6, 2002

Food service workers serve nutritious meals and snacks to individuals in nursing homes, hospitals, retirement centers, schools, correctional facilities and military services. They receive training in food safety and sanitation and in food service preparations. Each day nursing home residents, hospital patients, staff, friends and family appreciate food service workers for their dedication to prepare and serve safe and appropriate food according to physician orders. They appreciate food service workers loving hearts and caring attitudes.

Pride in Food Service Week was established by the Dietary Managers Association to recognize the efforts and achievements of food service workers. Pride in Food Service Week is being celebrated Feb. 4 through Feb. 8.

As our population grows older, the food service department's role as part of the long-term care team is becoming more and more vital. Food service professionals can make the difference between a person eating nourishing and safe food or simply taking the chance with the food they consume. The Dietary Managers Association recognizes the frontline food service professionals for their excellent work ethics and diligent dedication.

We are planning a special salute in our facility to recognize these individuals and to heighten awareness about the profession. It is time for us to bring attention to the importance of the Food Service Department and let people know that we are committed to excellence, quality and customer care. Our food service workers spend their professional lives doing for others and Pride in Food Service Week is our time to recognize their efforts. This is a celebration for them and all that they do for others. The theme for the week is "Proud of What We Do." This theme was chosen to represent the daily attitude of food service professionals. The elderly and the youth rely on these professionals each day. It's time for everyone to say "thank you" to these caregivers. Take time to visit a facility that employs qualified food service professionals and congratulate them on the good job they are doing. I am certainly going to thank all of my staff for the excellent job they do.

Jacki Cahill,

Tonganoxie Nursing Center.

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