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Remember When: A Community Review

February 6, 2002

10 years ago: Feb. 12, 1992

Lincoln stayed near Tonganoxie in 1850s. Abraham Lincoln actually came to Kansas at the urging of Colonel Mark W. Delahay who was married to a distant cousin of Lincoln's, Louisiana Hanks. Mrs. Delahay was a cousin on Lincoln's mother's side of the family. At this point, I cannot say for certain everything I am about to tell is absolute fact. It is true that Lincoln visited northeast Kansas probably between Nov. 30 and Dec. 7 in the late 1850s. We can be reasonably certain that Lincoln stayed with the Delahay family who lived five miles northeast of Tonganoxie.

Death: Eunice Elinor Wolfe, 69, Topeka, died Feb. 3, 1992.

Mrs. Debbie Field and son, Sam, from Almena, were here over the week end visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Merald Tice and Tim Tice.

Birth: Doug and Rhonda Ledbetter announce the birth of their daughter Jessica Sue-Anna Jan. 30, 1992.

McLouth News: Jeff and Shely Shade of Girard announce the birth of a son, Dylon Wayne, Jan. 28, 1992.

25 years ago: Feb. 9, 1977

Springdale: Mr. Andrew Knapp of Leavenworth and Mr. and Mrs. Mike Knapp were guests Saturday evening at a birthday supper at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Knapp honoring the birthdays of Andrew and Marie; The Knapps attended the 40th wedding anniversary reception of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Liming of Potter Sunday afternoon; Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ryan entertained with a dinner honoring the 22nd wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Schwinn.

Obituary: Mrs. Nellie Lorena Thompson, 80, a resident of the McLouth and Jarbalo communities most of her life, passed away Feb. 1, 1977.

(Picture) Norman Nolop, left, presented the soil and conservation award to Mr. and Mrs. Ordvin Deitmaring, Tonganoxie, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Motley, Leavenworth, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Murr, McLouth, and Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Holmes, Linwood. Mr. and Mrs. George New, Leavenworth, were unable to attend.

The Linwood home of Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Jenkins was destroyed by fire early last Wednesday morning.

A party for Miss Lisa Patton's 12th birthday was held Jan. 28 at her home.

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Mitchell attended the Golden Wedding anniversary celebration for Mr. and Mrs. Fred Barnard in Winchester Sunday.

50 years ago: Feb. 21, 1952

Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rawlings of Center Line, Mich., announce the birth of their daughter, Cheryl Austine, Feb. 18, 1952.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Yaussi of McLouth are the parents of a daughter born Monday; Mr. and Mrs. Russell Kelly of Bonner Springs announce the birth of twin daughters on Feb. 14, named Sharon Fay and Karen Kay: Mr. and Mrs. Foster (Bud) Laming are the parents of a daughter born Saturday; Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Bud) Gress announce the birth of a son, John Robert on Feb. 21; Pfc. and Mrs. Bernard J. Wilmes, Tonganoxie, announce the birth of a son, Steven Bernard. (No date given.)

Linwood: Mrs. Aaron Bura and infant daughter, Rose Ann, returned home from the Lawrence hospital last week.

75 years ago: Feb. 3, 1927

Jarbalo: Francis Brune is ill with the pink eye.

The following births are reported by Dr. Jennie E. Van Epps: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Emge, a son, named David, Dec. 25; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mills, a son, named Robert Gene, Jan. 6; Mr. and Mrs. William Reynolds, a son, named Junior, Jan. 11.

Elmwood: Howard Kessinger helped Lucile Gable celebrate her birthday Saturday.

Hoge Vicinity: Mr. and Mrs. Henry McGraw announce the birth of a daughter, Jan. 29.

Mrs. John Todd who recently had her arm broken by a fall down stairs, had her arm removed from splints Saturday.

With Bob Greene in the picture showing at Newman, Kansas City, this week, and Terrance Ramsaye's picture in the Photoplay Magazine, it looks like Tonganoxie is edging into the movie limelight. We'll be a second Hollywood yet.

Mrs. Jake Peters returned from Weston, Mo., last Saturday where she had been taking care of her daughter, Mrs. C.R. Juinley, who had an artery cut at the ankle by an accident while sleigh riding.

Edward J. Biggio, a special representative of the Merganthaler Linotype Co., of New York, is in Tonganoxie this week installing the new Model 14 linotype at the Mirror office.

100 years ago: Feb. 13, 1902

Leavenworth Junction: A wonderful cave has been discovered near here by a Lansing party. Would require too much space to give details.

Leavenworth Junction: Mrs. Yates, wife of James Yates, died Monday morning, after an illness of several weeks. She leaves a devoted husband and three children.

James Orr, one of the old settlers of the south end of High Prairie Township, died last Thursday at the home of his daughter in Oklahoma.

A Wellington widower, who got married again two weeks after his wife died, went out and tried to hush up the charivari crowd by telling them they ought to be ashamed to make such an uproar around a house where a funeral had been held so recently.

S.J. Cox and Lem Evans have purchased the E.G. Cheesman place.

Frank Lawrence finished his ice harvest Saturday, and has stored away about 450 tons in his own ice house and that of the Creamery. The ice is of a good grade.

Some glass blowers opened up in the room next to the bank this week.

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