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Tornado did provide some benefit to city

February 6, 2002

Who would have thought that 20 months after a tornado ripped limbs from trees in Tonganoxie, city residents would look back fondly on that event?

It appears that the city was spared the devastating electrical outages that plagued Kansas City, Lawrence and other area towns last week partly because our trees were trimmed after May 2000. When the tornado and its accompanying high winds tore apart trees that Thursday night in May 2000, many in the community were horrified. And rightly so.

But the damaged trees were trimmed. And many that enveloped electrical wires were further cut.

And that likely saved Tonganoxie residents from the plight of other eastern Kansans who were left in the cold and dark after last week's winter storm. Falling tree limbs, heavy with their coats of ice, pulled down numerous wires in other area cities.

Only two reports of trees falling into wires were called in to authorities in our city. And they caused little damage.

Apparently, it's true: Every cloud does have a silver lining.

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