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Letter to the editor: Compassionate care provided

February 13, 2002

My husband, Gerald Walters, was a resident of Tonganoxie Nursing Center for the last 13 months of his life. There he received exceptional care from the entire staff. Nurse's aides were attentive, loyal and prompt at responding to his needs. The LPN's and RN's showed great caring, making him comfortable, understanding, as well as professional. Gerald suffered a devastating disease that required constant care the last days of his life with us. The nursing staff was extraordinary in providing comfort, compassion loving care, until the end of his life on Jan. 21.

Administrator Rob and Director of Nursing Sandy showed concern for Gerald's well-being, as well as for my welfare and grief, offering their support at all times.

Tonganoxie is very fortunate to have this facility in our community. The care received was above and beyond what is received at many nursing centers in the surrounding area.

I ask of you to make a visit. Volunteers are needed every day. As Christians we owe the residents at TNC a smile, touch, hug or any act of kindness. A sign of caring would improve their lives. We all need each other.

Gladys Walters,


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