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Longtime city council member to resign

February 13, 2002

City council member Janet Angell won't be moving far, but her new residence means she no will longer be with the council.

Angell announced her resignation effective Feb. 25 the council's next meeting. Angell will be moving just three-quarters of a mile north of Tonganoxie, but because she will be outside the city limits, she no longer can hold a seat on the council.

"I'm moving out of town, but not because I want to," Angell said Monday.

Mayor John Franiuk will appoint someone to serve out Angell's term after the Feb. 25 meeting.

The appointment must then meet council approval.

Angell, who has been on the council for more than 10 years, wanted to wait until after her term ends in April 2003 to move, but saw better timing economically and financially now.

She and her husband, Delbert Felts, bought land on Parallel Road as Delbert plans to build a barn for his antique cars. CD rates haven't been strong, and Angell decided the move was necessary.

"If we would build, this was the time to do it," Angell said. "We felt like we needed to downsize a little bit, too.

"I really wanted to finish out the term, but with the circumstances it was better to build now and not wait."

Angell said highlights of her tenure on the council were implementing building codes, repairing sewer lines that hadn't been refurbished in years, and working to expand and improve the water treatment facility.

"I'm proud of everything we've accomplished to make the city grow and to make it bigger and better," Angell said. "Not just in population, but becoming a modern town."

Franiuk said he has enjoyed working with Angell.

"You're one of the people who has made the job more fun," Franiuk told Angell on Monday. "I will miss having you on the council."

Angell also will miss some aspects of the job, such as learning about grants. There's one thing, though, she won't mind getting away from.

"I won't miss knowing what's going on and hearing rumors and stories I know are so ridiculous they're laughable," Angell said. "That's the one thing. Ask one of your city council members. Call city hall because nine out of 10 times it's a rumor."

Although it could take some time, Angell expects her new residence to be in the city limits because of Tonganoxie's growth.

"I will be back," Angell said. "Who knows, maybe."

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