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Low math scores will earn extra hours in class

February 13, 2002

Mike Bogart is counting on a new plan to make students take their state math assessment tests more seriously.

On Monday, Bogart, the Tonganoxie High School principal, received school board approval to require extended classroom time from students who earn unsatisfactory scores on the Kansas math assessment test. The Kansas assessment test is given to sophomores during the spring semester, and Bogart said THS test scores are dropping.

In 2000, 21 percent of Tonganoxie High School sophomores scored at the unsatisfactory level.

In 2002, 25 percent received unsatisfactory scores.

"We feel that the level of student concern for taking these tests is not as high as it should be," Bogart said.

Bogart's plan is to require students who earn unsatisfactory scores to attend "re-teaching" classes.

In the fall, these students would attend after-school re-teaching sessions from 3:15 p.m. until 4 p.m. on six consecutive Wednesdays. During those hours, they will not be allowed to participate in other school events.

"Probably in the sixth week we would have another assessment of those kids to see if they have improved during this period of time," Bogart said.

Students will not receive credit for sophomore math until they have passed this course, he said.

Board member Terri Needham asked about students who participate in fall sports.

"Wouldn't this make them ineligible or would they simply miss the first 45 minutes of practice?" Needham asked.

Bogart said students should not be punished for making an extra effort in academics.

Board member Ron Moore said he liked the idea of re-teaching.

"Obviously, if you're at the bottom 25 percent, you need some remedial action," he said.

Bogart, who said the program will cost the district about an extra $200 for teaching time, said the re-teaching plan would send a message.

"We would like to be able to announce this to the students and we would like to say for you to complete your math credit your sophomore year, you have to have a satisfactory score or you will have to take these classes," Bogart said.

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