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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Column

February 20, 2002

Often, as I'm sewing, cutting and working with knits, I think back to when knit fabrics first became available. We'd worn knit underwear garments, but now we could purchase it by the yard. We learned the "stretch and sew" techniques.

After spending years in clothing that pulled and grabbed even shut off circulation and was so hard to pack and travel with we could relax and travel in comfort.

When sewing with knits, the thread you use makes all the difference. For a good, strong lasting seam, use 100 percent polyester thread. Even better is cotton-wrapped polyester. And be sure the pattern you use is designed for knits.

Have you noticed that all too often, knit T-shirts for children seem to be too long in the sleeves. They are so easy to shorten.

Many times they are so long you don't really need to rip out the hems. I like to turn the sleeve wrong-side out, turn the excess up and over, pin or baste closely so it can't shift as you turn and stitch on the machine. On a small child's garment, it will be close quarters, so be careful and just inch along.

Go around a second time a quarter-inch or so from the first stitching, and it will look just like the original hemline. Now, trim away the excess very close to the stitches. Another beauty of knits the seam won't ravel.

Until next week then, God bless. Aunt Norie.

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