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County must commit to road construction

February 27, 2002

It doesn't matter much where a north-south road connects to the Kansas Turnpike in Leavenworth County.

The important point is that one should.

Leavenworth County currently has no access to the turnpike. While officials and non-officials alike speculate where an interchange should go, that should be of little concern. The site is not the point. The interchange and the north-south connector road are the point.

Let's work to convince Leavenworth County commissioners of the importance of an interchange. Let's then work to convince them to put away money and to seek state and federal funds to ensure the interchange can become a reality.

Construction of an interchange is years away. And by the time it is built, the southern portion of this county will have changed dramatically.

Trying to determine now whether the interchange should be placed at Leavenworth County Road 1 or at County Road 25 is academic. Without money or the commitment for money it doesn't truly matter where residents of the county think an interchange should go. Without money, an interchange will not be built, and Leavenworth County will continue to be the only county of any size without access to this important east-west road.

Construction of an interchange, whether it's on County Road 1 or on County Road 25 or at another site, will mean construction of a north-south road that can handle traffic. And that certainly is necessary.

Leavenworth County is well-positioned geographically to handle economic development as the Kansas City metropolitan area continues to expand. However, without infrastructure, the county will be left in the dust.

Access to the turnpike is imperative to the county's economic health.

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