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For your bridesmaids, choose classic gowns of high quality

February 27, 2002

Quick: look in the back of your closet. How many old bridesmaids dresses are bunched into the corner that you wore when you were in a friend's wedding, but have never even looked at again?

If you're like most women, there are at least two or three, and you wince each time you think about how much you spent on that dress and how out of style it is today.

Of course, when it's your turn to be the bride and make the choices for your wedding party, you'll do no such thing to your friends.

It is possible to choose bridesmaids dresses that avoid adding to your friends' collection of "one-time wear" dresses. By looking for quality construction, fine fabrics, timeless design the ability to mix and match separates so each attendant can look her best, you can create a great looking wedding party as well as add a beautiful, useful gown to your friends' wardrobes.

"Quality construction is important not only so a gown literally stays put together, but also for the best possible fit," says Bill Levkoff, CEO of Bill Levkoff, Inc. "If a gown is well made, it shows," he says. "High-quality fabrics that suit a gown's design also make a difference between a one-wear gown and a classic gown your bridesmaids will look forward to wearing on other special occasions."

One especially useful feature Bill Levkoff dresses have is the availability of separates, providing the ability to mix and match

different styles, colors and sizes for the best possible fit. This way each bridesmaid can wear what looks best for her figure, while still maintaining a coordinated look for the entire group.

"By offering skirts and tops separately, your attendants can choose different lengths, styles and a wide range of colors. It won't matter if one attendant is leggy and another has wide hips or one wants sleeves when another is willing to go sleeveless," Levkoff says. "Everyone can get what she prefers and all look great."

Bill Levkoff Inc. offers three lines of formals. Champagne Formals are geared toward young women who want a sophisticated look for proms, dances or other special occasions. Moderately priced, this line features many designs that are a good choice for the bride wanting to keep wedding costs reasonable.

Levkoff's New Image line is directed at the woman whose wardrobe always reflects the latest style trends. And Levkoff's line features luminous colors, graceful shapes and elegant fabrics for a timeless, feminine look that has achieved universal appeal for the past 50 years.

"By focusing over the years on high-quality gowns and keeping up with design trends, the company has built a solid reputation with style-conscious women," says Levkoff. "By building solid relationships with more than 2,000 retailers, the company has been able to make its gowns available all across the country."

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