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Chamber board picks chiropractor as president

January 9, 2002

A Tonganoxie chiropractor has been named the new president of the chamber of commerce.

The chamber board selected Dr. Rob Schuck as president at a Friday morning meeting.

He replaces Bill Grant, general counsel at First State Bank and Trust, who now is secretary-treasurer of the chamber.

Schuck, who has operated Tonganoxie's Midwest Chiropractic Center for nearly two years, said increasing membership of the chamber will be his primary goal.

"It has to be," he said. "We need to make sure that people know there is a benefit to being a chamber member. We need to make good on that promise, and we need to help people see that."

Schuck said the organization has progressed under Grant's leadership, and Schuck hopes to build on that.

"Bill Grant has turned the chamber into something that is almost self-operating," he said. "I want to keep it running the way it is."

Schuck, who has lived in Tonganoxie for seven years, is eager to start work in his new role.

"I really want to try to help Tonganoxie," he said. "I hope I can. It will take a lot from all of the board."

Although the organization has several new board members and officers, Schuck said past board members have committed to continue helping the organization.

"Bill Altman, John Evans and Nancy Younger have promised to stay around so we can keep the stability of the chamber and the membership high," Schuck said. "That should help us. With new blood on the chamber board, we will have new ideas, but with the former board members, we will have continuity."

In addition to Grant, other officers include Kevin Gallagher of American Family Insurance, who will continue as vice president; and new board members Charles Stimac of Triple Creek Realty; H.B. Canida of Leavenworth-Jefferson Electric Cooperative; and Richard Erickson, superintendent of Tonganoxie public schools. Chris Donnelly, executive vice president at First State Bank, will continue serving as a board member.

The chamber soon will schedule its annual dinner meeting, which will include recognition of a citizen of the year.

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