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Planner to leave job with city

January 16, 2002

Tonganoxie's city planner soon will take a job with Leavenworth County.

Linda Bohnsack, who has worked full-time for the city of Tonganoxie for two years, will become a full-time planner for the county.

"It's a little closer to home," Bohnsack said. "I got married, and it's a little closer to home. Basically, that's the big reason. I enjoy working here."

Bohnsack was married in October, and she said travel to work each day, as well as night meetings, has taken a toll.

Although Bohnsack has worked for the city since February 2000, she had worked for nearly two years for the city on a part-time basis. At that time, she also worked for the county.

"I'm really sad to be leaving Tonganoxie," she said.

For a time, Bohnsack will work part-time in Tonganoxie, to give the city an opportunity to find her replacement. Mayor John Franiuk said he believes it's imperative for the city to have a full-time planner.

"I think we'll have to replace the position to maintain planned, high-quality development within the city of Tonganoxie," the mayor said. "I really feel there are three areas of expertise that we must have. One is good planning, one is building code enforcement and the other is engineering. I think the planner has been a position that has the responsibility of clearly defining for developers what they need to do to bring good growth into our city."

The mayor said he's doubtful the city would hire a planner with a great deal of experience.

"I think we have enough experience in the council and the planning commission and with our longtime engineer, I think we can take a new graduate or someone with six months or a year experience and work them into that position," Franiuk said. "I think we are a training ground for a planner."

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