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Commission to consider plan to resurface County Road 30

January 23, 2002

Leavenworth County Commissioners will meet Thursday afternoon to discuss reconstruction of County Road 30.

Richard Long of Kirkham Michael Engineers will discuss with commissioners a proposal to redesign the road from Kansas Highway 16 to Kansas Highway 92.

Dave Mahoney, county engineer, said the initial plan is to apply a hard surface to the 8.5-mile stretch of gravel road.

Preliminary work will include site distance studies, he said.

"The engineers will calculate what kind of distance is needed for a vehicle to stop," Mahoney said. "If they're going 50 miles per hour, they'll need more distance to stop in than if it were 20 or 35 miles per hour."

The normal speed on county roads that are hard surfaced are 50 or 55 mph, Mahoney said.

The road reconstruction would include replacement of two bridges.

Mahoney predicted that it would be about four years before work begins on County Road 30.

"Acquiring the right of way seems to take a good year and utility relocation can't start until we have all the right of way," he said.

Utility relocations can take up to a year, he added.

The time to complete construction will depend on funding, Mahoney said. At this point, he said, it looks as if the county will shoulder the entire cost.

"We're talking probably $1 million a mile for just the road improvements," Mahoney said. "And the bridges are on top of that, at about $300,000 each, so you take the road work times the 8.5 miles and that's considerable money."

It's likely that construction will start at the Kansas Highway 16, where traffic counts are heaviest.

Development and population growth along the 8.5-mile stretch has necessitated the plans for the road's improvement, Mahoney said.

"The sheriff and the emergency personnel have been saying there's not really a good north-south route in that area of the county for them to respond in a timely manner," Mahoney said. "They feel it would be good to have the road improved for that reason."

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