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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Romm

January 30, 2002

"She's never lost that great sense of humor. She's such fun to be around," said Mitizi, the daughter of Catherine Curtis, better known as "Catty" to many. Catty is confined to her wheelchair and is such an inspiration to all who know her. "Oh, it looks good, but it's no help at all," Catty said, chuckling about her left arm.

Catty makes beautiful hand-embroidered quilts.

"I've lost count just how many now but that first one, it was one I'd started years ago, you know how you do, get all enthused, goes real good for a spell, then you put it on the shelf," she said. "I'll finish it later."

Well, Catty finished the one on the shelf and has gone on and on.

"They are beautiful," Mitizi said. "And she's done it all with one hand no stopping her. That's my mom." Most of them are flowers, some larger blocks, a bouquet in the center and one in each corner.

We grandparents nowadays may be the only ones in a child's world to have the time to teach a small child to create, make and learn some of those skills. They will enjoy and need them many years down the road, in their tomorrows.

Catty had a dark-colored, eye-catching vest with colorful leaves of different sizes and colors appliqued all over it. It reminded me of when I first learned to embroider. I liked to draw around a leaf and then try to duplicate its colors with thread.

Pause now and then just to listen to the wind in the trees, the birds and especially to a child's happy chatter. Nice to hear from you. Love, Aunt Norie. P.O. Box 265, Tonganoxie 66086-0265.

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