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Letters to the editor: professional management works; Powerball lesson

January 30, 2002

Professional management works

To the editor:

I'm glad the Leavenworth County Commission saw how well the county infirmary can be managed during their recent tour.

A combination of knowledgeable management and market rate per diem charges may well enable the infirmary to remain open.

The infirmary of today has a much better chance of survival than when it was under the county commission's "compassionate" management. Then the combination of below-market per diem charges and inexperienced management led to a state-imposed moratorium on new admissions and a 71 percent increase in the public subsidy in the last four years from $476,564 in 1998 to $816,383 in 2002.

The county commission cannot help but see how professional management has helped the infirmary, but they do not think professional management in the form of a county administrator can help them manage the county's $37,290,596 budget and 300-plus employees.

If the county commission does not hire a county administrator, it's only a matter of time before the county commission blunders into another costly management mistake.

David A. Greenamyre,


Powerball lesson

To the editor:

Let's talk about Powerball. Is it on the up and up with the ticket purchaser? This is what I have learned about the game. There about 18 states involved in Powerball. However, if a ticket is purchased in Missouri and turns out to be a winner, it will not show up as a winner in Kansas when you have the store check your ticket.

The same goes if you buy in Kansas and have it checked in Missouri. Who gets the money? You probably threw your ticket away because the machine said you're not a winner.

In Kansas, when you have a winner which was bought in Kansas, the machine plays "You're in the Money." Missouri does not have this feature. The safest way to check if you hold a winning ticket is to ask for a receipt showing the winners or to check the newspaper. Don't trust the machine. Good luck!

Dave Taylor,


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