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Spirit of cooperation benefits city, schools

January 30, 2002

Members of the Tonganoxie City Council and the local school board met over dinner Monday night. This is an annual meeting, and it certainly is worthwhile.

It provides an opportunity for the council and school board to explore common ground.

And as budgetary problems continue to face both the city and the school district, perhaps these meetings should be more frequent.

It would stand to reason that greater cooperation between the city and the school district would benefit both entities as well as local taxpayers.

The school district and the city must be aware of what the other is doing, and not just in the short-term.

For example, the school district is laying groundwork for a bond issue that would finance improvements to school buildings, as well as new construction. The city, meanwhile, is facing a necessary upgrade in its sanitary sewer plant and is considering construction of a water treatment plant. Much of the cost for these projects will be borne by residents of Tonganoxie. If both sides are not aware of the timing of these projects and how they affect taxpayers, support could wane.

If city council members and school board members met in informal study sessions more frequently, both the city and the school district and, therefore, taxpayers would benefit.

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