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Children in cars? It shouldn’t happen

July 17, 2002

The Baldwin City Council this week is considering an ordinance that would make it illegal to leave children unattended in vehicles.

Apparently, council members think the issue is enough of a problem to at least weigh the possibility of passing a local law. Particularly during summer months, when temperatures inside cars can soar, safety of children is a concern. Coupled with the possibility for abduction and the possibility that a curious child could unknowingly shift a car into drive, it is understandable why Baldwin city officials are looking into the matter.

The ordinance up for consideration in that southern Douglas County town would make it illegal to leave children who are 10 and younger unattended in vehicles.

And Baldwin city officials are correct: Children that young should not be left alone in cars or trucks.

Too many things could happen.

But isn't it unfortunate that city officials have to think about laws such as this?

Parents and other caregivers should realize the dangers of leaving children alone. They should know that disaster could strike in the short amount of time it takes to run into the post office or to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy.

And it's not just in Baldwin that children are left alone. Many times, on Tonganoxie's Fourth Street, children can be seen sitting in the back and front seats of cars with no adult in sight.

The adults who left them should think twice. And although it's not always easy to round up the kids for that quick trip to pick up the mail, it's the safe and responsible thing to do.

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