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Vandals strike; pool closes for one day

July 24, 2002

When workers at Chieftain Pool reported for work Monday morning, they were greeted by a mess in the water.

Apparently, someone tossed fish and manure into the pool overnight Sunday.

"There was one large fish, which was a channel cat, and then there were quite a few goldfish," said City Administrator Shane Krull.

He said he assumes the vandals jumped the fence surrounding the pool, which is at Second and Main streets.

"There wasn't any visible signs of things being torn up, except for things being thrown in the pool," Krull said.

Swimming lessons and public swimming were cancelled on Monday, which cost the city an estimated $350 to $400 in lost revenues, he said.

"We cleaned it all up and vacuumed the pool and applied the proper chemicals and took the readings," Krull said.

Pool operations resumed Tuesday morning.

"We're open for business," said Darren Shupe, pool manager.

"We've got everything cleaned. The water is safe. We put enough water and chemicals in and sanitized it so it will be up for the rest of the summer."

And while the pool has been targeted before by vandals, who have dumped fish or lizards into the water, the manure went a step beyond previous experience.

"Everyone I talked to, that was a first," Krull said.

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