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Proposed skate park on hold

June 19, 2002

Grind rails, half-pipes and ramps won't be seen in Tonganoxie anytime soon.

A proposed skate park that local teens lobbied for last year probably won't be constructed in Tonganoxie.

Park proponent Luke Stevens opened a bank account for people to donate funds to, and the city's budget has space for the park, but nothing has materialized since last fall.

"Right now I don't really think it's going to happen," Stevens said. "It's kind of died out I think."

The city does have $10,000 in this year's budget for the park, but city administrator Shane Krull said that was basically for the engineering standpoint. The actual project could have been expensive Topeka's park cost $200,000; Lawrence's skate park carried a $120,000 price tag.

Stevens presented a three-dimensional model last year, and the project appeared to be gaining steam, but equally important was gaining money, and that's been hard to generate. Stevens and another teenager had opened a bank account for people to donate to last year, but Stevens withdrew the account because donations were lacking.

Krull said that the skate park issue hasn't been discussed in his six months in Tonganoxie. Still, Stevens would like to see the skate park built in Tonganoxie

"I'd like to get it revived but I don't really know any way of how to do it." Stevens said.

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