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Letter/Getting involved

March 6, 2002

Johnson County, Kansas, has always been regarded as a safe community in which to live. In the last two weeks, grade school children walking home from school, in two separate incidents, were lured to strangers in vehicles intent upon snatching them. Thankfully, the children were intelligent enough to run off and report to school officials.

President Bush has asked every American to get involved in their community. Could this be a way the police department and our senior citizens, who are able to do so, could work together to patrol the walking routes children take to and from school to ensure their safety. Tonganoxie is no longer an isolated town.

For the safety of our children, perhaps we should consider starting the "block mother" program, in which certain homes would have a large letter "B" in the front window, letting each child know this is a safe haven in case of trouble.

Dave Taylor,


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