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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

March 13, 2002

She had learned the basics and gotten a thrill by making something herself in home economics sewing class. Now employed and making her own way, she says, "I know I can have three outfits for the price of one ready made, when it comes to real nice clothes."

We were chatting in one of my favorite fabric shops. She was trying to decide if she was brave enough to try sewing. "These beautiful knits we hardly touched them in sewing class," she said.

I'm often thrilled and surprised at how many new seamstresses I meet there. I like to browse, whether I need anything or not.

Another tip or two for knits: Accuracy in cutting is difficult with dull or poor shears. So get a good pair and keep them sharp. Use them only for cutting fabric or pattern paper. If there is a crease in knit as it comes off the bolt, it may be there to stay. Try pressing it out or use it as a crease line on slacks or a sleeve. Cutting two thicknesses at once automatically gives us a right and left side. Use that rule with all fabrics, of course. However, with knits, pin the pattern on well and if it's a thicker, heavier knit, cut one layer at a time. If you are matching stripes or designs, that's what those pattern notches are especially good for. So pin them carefully, too. Also pin all of the seams closely, every six to eight inches, to avoid stretching one side more than the other as you put the garment together.

As we enjoy and appreciate all of our blessings and this great land we live in, remember Mark Twin once said, "Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been." So keep smiling, stay happy and God bless you. Aunt Norie, P.O. Box 265, Tonganoxie, 66086-0265.

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