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Remember when: A community review

March 13, 2002

10 years ago: March 18, 1992

Thirteen class members of 1938 got together after the St. Pat's parade. This year they gathered at Linda's Restaurant and a number of the classmates said it was especially enjoyable.

(Picture) This is Sue Sprague showing off a schooner cake that traveled across the ocean from England. (Sue's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Parsley, visited from England, made a trip to the museum in Leavenworth and noticed a schooner. They took a picture and a retired gentleman in England baked the cake. It got here just fine.)

A big bright red, blue, green and yellow hot-air balloon hovering over a field on a balmy late Sunday afternoon proves spring is near. The balloon landed in Shirley and Don Adams' back yard. They were presented a bottle of champagne.

25 years ago: March 16, 1977

Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Reeves Jr., Kansas City, Mo., announce the birth of their son, Jack Eric, March 13, 1977.

McLouth: Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Kimberlin were joined by 168 relatives and friends to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary March 6 at their home.

We have another lady celebrating her birthday this month who will be in the 90s. She is Mrs. Frank (Lucile) Lenahan. She will be 92 on March 21.

50 years ago: March 27, 1952

A basket dinner at noon Sunday was enjoyed by those who helped Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Freeman celebrate their golden wedding anniversary.

Jarbalo: Robert Hamilton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hamilton, Leavenworth, has been promoted to sergeant. He is at Lackland Air Base, San Antonio, Texas. Robert is well-known in this locality as he spent much time in the summer with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Berger.

Will Musil of Manhattan was here Saturday and made arrangements to re-open the bus depot in the bakery building, with Mrs. Alice Ford in charge. There had been no depot after the Kirby Cafas closed. Monday night, the city council voted to install a bus stop at the bakery, with a painted curb and sign "Bus Stop" there on the sidewalk.

75 years ago: March 10, 1927

Lauvergne Hageman, Basehor, who had been carrying a paper route at Basehor, was killed early Tuesday morning at South Basehor, when his car went over and embankment on the slab and turned over on him, breaking his neck. He was 22 years old.

March 5 may have been just another day to most people, but to Mr. and Mrs. Simon Cronemeyer, pioneer residents of Tonganoxie, it was more than that. Away back there in the Civil War days, before almost everybody else around here was born, Mr. and Mrs. Cronemeyer took a notion to get married, and did just that. It occurred at Pittsburgh, Pa., and occurred 62 years ago March 5. That was in 1886. In 1867, they came to Tonganoxie, where Mr. Cronemeyer opened a furniture and undertaking parlor where John Dorney's house now stands. (Mr. Cronemeyer was a soldier in the Civil War, served with troops from Pennsylvania and was wounded in the battle of Antitiem.)

100 years ago: March 20, 1902

Basehor: There is some talk of building a four-room school house at Basehor. Bonds will be voted to construct the building.

Jarbalo: Harry Clark is the most tickled boy in Jarbalo. He had the distinction of answering the first call that came over the new telephone line into Jarbalo.

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