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Intersection upgrading to detour area traffic

March 20, 2002

By the time school starts next fall, Leavenworth County Engineer Dave Mahoney hopes construction at the intersection of Evans Road and County Road 25 will be completed.

Leavenworth County commissioners last Thursday accepted a low bid of $403,173 from King Construction, Oskaloosa. Other bidders on the project included Leavenworth Excavating and Equipment Company, Leavenworth, and Meadows Construction, Tonganoxie, Mahoney said.

Because of the high number of accidents at the intersection, planned improvements will be paid by a federal safety grant, which is administered by Kansas Department of Transportation.

"If everything checks out all right KDOT is checking the arithmetic on it and the commissioners have awarded it to them, so far as we know everything's a go," Mahoney said.

Construction is expected to begin May 1. During the estimated four months of construction, Mahoney said, the intersection will be closed.

Detours will be marked. One of the detours will direct County Road 25 traffic to Honeycreek Road to 198th Street and then to Evans Road or U.S. Highway 24-40, Mahoney said.

Work will include 1,000 feet of improvement to the east and west on Evans Road with shoulders added and left-turn lanes installed. On County Road 25, shoulders will be added on the new construction and speed bumps will be made less severe.

To increase drivers' vision, the hill on Evans Road east of the intersection will be cut down two feet.

Although rumors suggest that the construction work is a precursor to a future turnpike interchange on County Road 25, Mahoney said he didn't think that had anything to do with it.

"Basically, this was a project that started because of several accidents there," Mahoney said. "They're using federal funds to reduce the accidents. I think we'll have a lot safer intersection when we get it done."

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