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Accident prompts safety concerns

May 1, 2002

Leavenworth County Road 5, also known as the back road to Leavenworth, twists and turns.

On Saturday, a Leavenworth man found that out firsthand.

According to the Leaven-worth County Sheriff's Depart-ment, William Alexander Jr., 51, Leavenworth, was northbound at 3:10 p.m. on County Road 5 when his 1999 Ford pickup truck crossed onto private property owned by Albert and Celesta Doege. The driver tried to flee the scene on foot and alcohol may have been involved.

Anna Mary Landauer, whose brother, Albert Joe Doege, lives at 20853 Tonganoxie Road, also known as County Road 5, said the truck ended up destroying a century-old fence.

"He ran off the road, hit a concrete culvert, jumped over it, hit a cattle fence, drove across the driveway and tore out an antique fence before he came to a stop," Landauer said.

The property's residents were home, Landauer said: "My brother was right across the road, and his wife was in the garden."

Her brother, who was helping shear sheep, couldn't leave to see about the accident, she said: "They couldn't leave the sheep shearing and come out of there because you've got to be there to take the wool away from the man who is shearing."

Landauer said the speed limit is too high.

"My brother keeps saying if they don't get them to slow down in there somebody's going to be hurt," she said. "He says it isn't even safe to walk across the road anymore, you've really got to look both ways and make sure nobody's coming either way it's a regular speedway."

Leavenworth County Undersheriff Dave Zoellner noted that County Road 5's speed limit is unique.

"That's probably the only county road in the county that's posted at 55 miles an hour," Zoellner said.

Although sheriff's officers patrol the roads, people who have concerns are urged to call the sheriff's department.

"The county can put a speed trailer out there if it can be put safely along the road to slow traffic," Zoellner said. "Plus, we'll put radar enforcement out there. We honor citizens' complaints, especially when it comes to speed control because that's one of those things our traffic unit focuses on to slow down the traffic."

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