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Leaks in roof force closure of city library

May 1, 2002

The orange and yellow signs on the Tonganoxie Library doors say it all: Closed for repairs.

A hailstorm that hit the area April 19 apparently damaged the library roof. And since then, rainwater's found its way through ceiling tiles and light fixtures.

Saturday morning, as heavy rain again fell on the roof, the library was under a siege of water.

Library staff members, their family members and other volunteers pulled plastic tarps over bookcases, hoping to protect books from the onslaught.

"I wore my rain hat while I was working in there because it was just pouring in," said Beckie Borella, library director.

The rain soaked ceiling tiles, which then fell onto the carpet. To catch the water, the troupe of workers on Saturday positioned buckets, punch bowls, a small swimming pool and wastebaskets "even the coffee pot," according to Sherryl Cooley, head librarian.

In all, more than 100 ceiling tiles fell. And on Monday afternoon, Borella surveyed the building, looking for other damaged tiles that would have to come down.This week, Tonganoxie Junior High School will stage a musical, "Once Upon This Island, Junior."

It is based on a novel, "My Love, My Love," by Rosa Guy.

Performances, set for 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, will be held in the high school auditorium. Tickets are $2 for adults and $1 for students.


Will Jones, Leavenworth sophomore in graphic design at Kansas State University, is assisting John Exdell, professor of philosophy, with Exdell's research "Racial Justice and the Reparation Controversy," as part of the Developing Scholars Research Partnerships program .

Jones said Exdell spent about a year collecting articles and resources on discrimination, racial profiling and institutional racism. Jones compiled Exdell's research and designed a Web page as a reference for students in Exdell's "Philosophy and Race" course.

In addition to creating the Web page, Jones researches information about the reparation controversy for African-Americans.

Jones, originally from Leavenworth, is the son of William and Arlene Jones. He attended Leavenworth High School.

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